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    "Heartache, betrayal, loss- you have struggled with one or all these and are

finding it difficult to move forward. You may feel like you lose time or have

difficulty focusing on current needs because memories of the past keep you

preoccupied. I can help you learn to manage the hurts and stresses. You can

experience the right kind of "give and take" with your loved ones without

becoming a casualty of others' dysfunction. Experience forgiveness and freedom.

Let go of harmful relationships and experiences. Make helpful relationships

better. Gain hope, joy, and security.

You need something more helpful than "get over it." I understand that. You need careful support to get you "through" it. I will encourage your strengths. Discover the ability and courage to overcome and recover from wounds of the past. I will help you examine your boundaries and improve limits.

Call now to get a handle on traumatic memories so you can get through it, feel better, and deal with the normal stresses and joys of life in the present. I can help."


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JoAnna Morse, MFT

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JOANNA MORSE, Marriage Family Therapist

Experiences of betrayal and violence frequently hinder a person's ability to place trust in people or situations because of thinking and fearing that "it will happen again."  I would like you to have a realistic sense of whether or not a bad experience will happen again.  If you are in a situation where it is possible and likely that it will happen again, I will help you develop a workable "exit plan" that puts your safety first.  You need to have clear boundaries to prevent others from exploiting you. 

My job is to help you define and tell others what your boundaries are.  We need to do whatever we appropriately can to keep it from happening again and make sure that you are out of harm's way.

Often people who have already left a bad situation still relive it constantly in their memories. Such memories can take on a life of their own as if a past trauma were taking place every moment, every day of their lives.  If you're a victim of this kind of past trauma, you know how impossible it is for you to give anyone your trust.  You take control of responsibilities or places only to find that everything spins out of control and that unrest, chaos, drama is the norm.  You feel vulnerable.  Therefore you put up your defenses and refuse to surrender in the fight.  While once a peaceful person, now you're always "keyed up" and irritable with everyone.  You wonder why you don't find rest, freedom or peace. 

Together, we will find a way to tell your brain, nervous system and body responses how to recognize the difference between  a real imminent threat and one that is a ghost of the past.  The ghosts need to be finally laid to rest so you can live in the present moment.  After that, you need to develop appropriate levels of trusting yourself and others.  My job is to supportively direct you through this process as you re-discover your strength and your ability to give and receive love.

If you are experiencing emotional problems like:

-feeling jumpy, on edge, keyed up

-having thoughts you can't control

-criticizing yourself

-being unable to decide

-not sleeping or having nightmares

then it's likely you have suffered a violation by another person.